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The contract and interiors magazine: trends and innovation in hotel design, interior decoration, management… for architects, designers and investors.

A contemporary and always up-to-date look on the growth and innovation potential in hotel design. Suite highlights the critical issues and solutions in the various areas of contract and hospitality: wellness, accommodation, restaurants, entertainment and much more, always keeping in mind to update on new materials, products and solutions. Suite is particularly focused on the opening of carefully selected new hotels in Italy and around the world, whether they are built from the ground up or they are the result of a renovation. Hospitality is rich in innovation, both in design trends and products, which puts Suite in the position to showcase exceptional examples that inspire designers and real estate investors.

Bi-monthly, 5 issues per year.
Circulation (paper and digital edition): 8000 copies.


€ 4.800,00
€ 6.500,00
€ 7.100,00
€ 6.200,00
€ 3.000,00

Full page
Inside front cover, 1st inside hand page
Outside back cover
3rd cover
Half page


Trim format mm 230 x 300.
Half page upright bleed mm 115 x 300.
Half page across bleed mm 230 x150.

* The advertising material requested: pdf file in four-colour and high- resolution (minimum 300 dpi).

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