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The contract and interior design portal for architects, designers and investors.

Interested in the eco system of the made in Italy brands and the national and international retail network and contract . is always up-to-date with the most influential players in the contract industry: designers, investors, production companies. The portal showcases cutting-edge architectures and interior design, while also monitoring investors and tracking events and product launches; news posts and reviews provide an instant update on the latest materials and solutions, new openings and the state of the contract industry. is a responsive, optimized, georeferenced and bilingual website. Content is the heart and soul of our editorial strategy “Content is king”, which is reflected in a set of easily accessible and highly qualified databases.



€ 1.500,00
€ 1.300,00
€    900,00
€ 1.000,00
€ 1.300,00

Skin (1200x700 px)
Leaderboard(728x90 px)
Rectangle banner (180x150 px)
Manchette (234x60 px)
Skyscraper (120x600 px)

* Prices refer to a 1 month presence

** Size and position refer to the typical layout on our websites. However, all standard IAB layouts may be used, as the websites are fully responsive.


€    600,00

€    700,00

€    800,00
€    800,00

Business Profile
(for 1 year)
Product Description
(up to 5 products)
Case History
Home Page Presence
(for 15 days)


€ 2.500,00

Video editing
• Promotional video (with publishing on youtube channel or DEM message)
• Post-production (italian/english)
• Bilingual Post production

€    800,00

Client video
• Promotional video (with publishing on youtube channel, presence on printed issue or DEM message)


Google Analytics is fully integrated with the website, which is constantly monitored. A monthly report on views and unique users is available to all advertisers.

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