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Always up-to-date with the most influential players in architecture: architects, opinion leaders and companies. showcases cutting-edge architectural design and technology-driven architectural production, in connection with a focus on the latest trends in sustainability, technology, materials and safety. News posts, along with a list of events and educational activities, provide a constant update on competitions, new regulation and the state of the building industry. is a responsive and optimized website. Content is the heart and soul of our editorial strategy “Content is king”, which is reflected in a set of easily accessible and highly qualified databases.



€ 1.500,00
€ 1.300,00
€    900,00
€ 1.000,00
€ 1.300,00

Skin (1200x700 px)
Leaderboard(728x90 px)
Rectangle banner (180x150 px)
Manchette (234x60 px)
Skyscraper (120x600 px)

* Prices refer to a 1 month presence

** Size and position refer to the typical layout on our websites. However, all standard IAB layouts may be used, as the websites are fully responsive.


€    600,00

€    700,00

€    800,00
€    800,00

Business Profile
(for 1 year)
Product Description
(up to 5 products)
Case History
Home Page Presence
(for 15 days)


€ 2.500,00

Video editing
• Promotional video (with publishing on youtube channel or DEM message)
• Post-production (italian/english)
• Bilingual Post production

€    800,00

Client video
• Promotional video (with publishing on youtube channel, presence on printed issue or DEM message)


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